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Live Local.    Buy Local.     Love Local.

Hi! I'm Susan and I'm the woman behind Live Buy Local. Inspired by a journey that began when my husband and I packed our bags and left New York City after 13 great years and headed north for a simpler life. We settled into the West End of Portland, Maine and bought a renovated condo, slowly making it our own over the next few years. It became a favorite hobby of ours to search and discover thoughtful and interesting items to fill our space, one by one. Over time, that house became our home, and when we added a handful of rescue animals, our home had its family.

As much as we loved living right in Portland with food, culture and art at our fingertips, our dream home came on the market a few towns away and we couldn't pass it up. So we traded in our condo for an old 1850's New England farmhouse, complete with a big red barn and a couple of acres of land. Shortly after, the idea of Live Buy Local was born naturally, out of a desire to once again make our new home completely and totally "ours". We began filling the rooms with special pieces that people would ask about, that no one else had, that were made by folks who loved creating things, that were "of a place", and that supported local craftsmen, women and businesses.

I loved the process, and the result, so much that I wanted to create a space where others could discover a broad range of local goods for their homes, no matter where they lived. The idea was one thing. Putting the site together was another. After some time, here we are and I couldn't be prouder. I hope to build this community into an active hub of local makers, sellers and supporters. To connect people who create interesting and beautiful pieces with those that want to fill their own homes with them.

Thanks so much for stopping by.