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About Hyggelight - The Growing Candle
We own a company in Toledo, OH, called Hyggelight Candles, and are the creators of The Growing Candle.  All our candles are soy based and hand poured into gorgeous ceramic containers. The twist is, our label around the candle is embedded with wildflower seeds, allowing you to reuse the container to plant a little garden resulting in a no waste solution! 
Hyggelight Candles was founded only 5 months ago and we are the first candle company with this unique re-usable concept. We believe that there is no such thing as a 'black thumb', and that taking care of our planet should be apart of life, not a hobby. Our goal is to use our hygge-like (that Danish word for cozy popping up around the U.S.) values to inspire people to slow down, be present, and  be an active participant in their world, not a bystander. 
Return Policies

We offer free exchanges on all of our candles. If you don’t love the fragrance or pot its contained in, simply send an email to with your request and the scent or pot you would like it replaced with. We love your feedback, so please include your constructive criticism with your request. We will then email you paid postage for your return. Once a return is received we will ship you a replacement. Please note that this warranty is voided once the candle wick is lit.

Shipping Policies

Your package will be shipped within 1-3 full business day of when your order is received. Orders placed before 12:00 on business days will often be deployed same-day. For example, orders placed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be shipped by EOD Monday. Orders placed after 12:00 pm Monday will be shipped EOD Tuesday and so on.