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About Nasseramics Functional Pottery

Based in the Providence, Rhode Island area, I have been making handmade, functional pottery since 2013. From coffee mugs to jewelry dishes, I make something for everyone. Seriously, there is something in my shop for you!

Things like:
- Mugs
- Jewelry dishes
- Kitchen ware
- Dinner ware
- Décor
- Holiday ornaments

The Nasseramics name (combination of ceramics and my last name) was born in 2017 out of a need to brand myself for festivals and sales. Untitled Potter didn't sound that great.

Having a background in graphic design, two creative fields collided. I incorporate a lot of graphic elements into my ceramics work whether it's typography or simple illustration. I think the world needs a little more humor, so I like to add a bit of that into my work sometimes. If you decide to buy something of mine, I want it to make you smile every time you use it.

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