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About Eleazar Wood Co

Red Road Woodworks was founded by Brad Archote; a rural Arkansas homesteader from South Louisiana, he was an organic farmer and woodworker since the 1970's.A love for food and cooking led to a love for handmade kitchen utensils. Struggling to raise a family on a sustainable farm in rural Arkansas, Brad mastered the woodworking skill and the family business was born! Brad passed away on July 20, 2014 and the two daughters who grew up by his side in the woodshop, took over. Now Red Road Woodworks is owned and operated by a second generation.

Our goal is to grow our father's business and vision for sustainable living, passing it down to subsequent generations and sharing a small piece of it in your home through our individually crafted pieces. 

Return Policies

We will accept returns only after communication in which the buyer presents a reasonable purpose for one. This will be decided on a case by case basis. We strive to be certain that every product shipped is a piece we are proud of so there should be no flaws in the items.

Shipping Policies

We strive to ship out orders 7 business days from when they are placed. Because our items are handmade, and sometimes we have a heavier production load than others - on rare occasions it may take a little longer. Custom orders or orders for a large quantity of items may take longer, thank you for your patience.